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How to register your business on local HUBSPOT

First, we would like to thank you for considering us and helping us support more businesses like yours, our goal from the early beginning has always been to locate and help small local businesses get found easier, along with free advertising even with our essentials package.

How to register your business

Just a few simple steps, first click on Add a listing located at your top right corner, on mobile you will find the button under the search bar and on the hamburger menu located by your top corner. Next pick your listing type, a place, event, or job if you are hiring. Now pick your preferred package, ranging from essentials to Enterprise level if you are looking for marketing support such as google and social ads.  After selecting your package we will ask you for some information about your business. Once completed you will be able to log in and check your dashboard and listing, as well as all your content, and statistics about customers’ visits & actions on your page. Our team will review your page and contact you shortly to welcome you to local HUBSPOT and answer any questions you might have.


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